We will be celebrating March 18-22, 2015!

    It will be the 30th annual San Francisco Flower & Garden Show and everyone will be GOING WILD!


What:  Childrens Miniature Garden Contest  
When: March 18-22, 2014      

Where: San Franciso Flower & Garden Show, San Mateo Event Center 

Drop-off Date : Sunday, March 15 between 12 noon and 4 pm

Your class is invited to design, plant, and nurture a small container garden. By working on a miniature container garden your students will acquire hands-on experience in horticulture and garden design. They are also expressing their boundless creativity and imagination with plants. The gardens will be displayed at the San Mateo Event Center where thousands of show-goers will view them.


Pesentation: 18” x 14” x 3” deep plastic trays are standard garden flats that are used to hold packs of plants at any garden center. You can usually pick these up for free at local nurseries. If you cannot find a nursery flat of the right size, you may use any waterproof container NOT TO EXCEED 18" wide by 14" back-to-front by 3" deepOnce you have your flats in hand, you can begin to create your gardens!

Garden Subject and Materials: Although you are not required to have a theme for your garden display, we find that themes may help your students tell a story with which audiences and judges may better connect.

Display Area and Info:Your garden will be placed in a display area with the 18” edge of the flat facing outwards as the front of the garden. We also ask that any backboards you may choose to add to your garden be limited to a height of 9”. If you have any special display questions please email info@kidsgrowingstrong.org.

REMEMBER: Make your backdrops waterproof as garden displays will be watered by staff members during the show.

Plants: All Gardens MUST contain some live plant material.

Lining your Garden: Every garden MUST be waterfproof. If necessary, line your container with a plastic sheet taped to the edges to prevent water leaking onto the table. For an easy and effective liner, we recommend cutting a garbage bag approximately 3” inches larger than the tray on all sides to give your lining the necessary depth. 


Awards will be given for Best Use of Plant Material, Best Design, and Most Creative.


Free Adult Passes for Field Trips: 1 Adult per 6 children will receive a free pass to the show. We encourage you to invite other teachers and/or parents within the ratio. A special reception area in Redwood Hall is being used to greet students. Access to the special gate will be on Delaware Street.

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