What's Happening...

The Heirloom Expo is Coming to the Show!

What is totally old-fashioned, yet incredibly innovative all at the same time? The Heirloom Exposition, of course. Held at the Sonoma Fairgrounds for three days in Septemebr )Sept 9-11), the Expo has quickly grown into a beloved Fall festival of food and fun for people from throughout the state and beyond. The best news this year is that the folks from the Heirloom Expo are bringing a sampling of their great show to the San Francisco Flower & Garden Show! It is going to be GREAT!

Eco-friendly Speaker Track

Eco-friendly and Sustainable:
   Paying Attention to How We Landscape Our Homes & Communities

Did you know that 50% of the water use in the average household goes to landscaping, with half of that being applied to the lawn. That's a lot of water in these days of drought.  So, when we think of landscaping, what does it mean to be "ecofriendly and "sustainable?"  Kathy Kramer knows.

Grow Your Own

Bite into a juicy strawberry. Savor the taste of old-fashioned tomatoes. Watch with amazement as seeds grow into the salad you eat at lunch. These are only some of the joys of growing your own fresh garden produce at home. Be it in your garden, alongside your condo or on your balcony, the All Things Edible seminar track curated by Nancy Garrison of All Things Edible will help you on your way to healthy and delicious eating.

APLD: “Ask a Designer”

“Ask a Designer” 
APLD Booth Offers Professional Landscape Design Advice

Bring your garden design dilemmas to the San Francisco Flower & Garden Show and get 30 minutes of advice from a professional landscape designer at the Ask a Designer booth. The Association of Professional Landscape Designers (APLD) has teamed up with the garden show to provide you this first-ever opportunity to sit down with a designer for some quick and affordable tips and solutions for your own garden.

Atelier Botanique: FRANÇOISE WEEKS

FOR THE FIRST TIME AT THE SHOW:   Françoise Weeks,  master of European and Woodland designs, will be speaking on the Flower Pavilion Stage on Saturday and Sunday. There is no charge for these demonstrations. This is a wonderful chance to see Françoise work her beautiful magic. In addition to her demonstrations, two separate SPECIAL WORKSHOPS will be held on FRIDAY, March 21 at the Show. These are limited enrollment, hands-on workshops offered at an additional fee. Read on.

JOSEPH SIMCOX: Botanical Explorer

Joe's on his way....
and he's bringing energy & excitment to the Show on March 22 & 23.

It's a wild ride when you are circling the planet with Joseph Simcox,so unique is his global work, that he is now being called “The Botanical Explorer” as if he was the only one.

Joe’s work is an obsession, he travels the globe incessantly, searching out, tasting and documenting thousands of edibles. He has traversed wildernesses with indigenous peoples, interviewed thousands of villagers and searched the markets from the Arctic to the tip of Africa.