The Seminars

You will be 
"inspired" to turn your garden dreams into reality with our FREE seminars and demonstrations.
It’s all included in the price of your ticket, so drop in and enjoy discovering something new! 


                   SEMINARS BY DAY

                                                                         Click on a day below to view this year’s schedule.

                      More seminars are being added daily.                            
                           Please check back again soon.


                         SEMINARS SCHEDULE

                        Seminar schedule in table format by stage and time.



For the first time, show goers will have the chance to learn side-by-side with the experts in SPECIAL HANDS-ON WORKSHOPS.
These workshops require an addItional fee (purchase a ticket for the SPECIAL WORKSHOPS in ADDITION to the regular Show ticket) which will cover the cost of materials and one-on-one coaching with the experts in their field.
Workshops are being offered by Francoise Week, Nan Sterman, Saxon Holt, David Perry and more.
Check them out and purchase your special additional ticket to make sure you get space in the workshop.



Free seminars and workshops are held throughout
each day of the show on five different stages.

Seminar Stage Learn with the Experts Stage Floral Design Stage Garden Fresh Stage American Community Gardening Assn. Stage

Kids Growing Strong Stage

Meeting Pavilion across the lawn from Fiesta Hall

Fiesta Hall in the far back corner Front of Expo Hall in the Floral Pavilion Center of Expo Hall along the
south wall
Expo Hall by the Floral Pavilion Expo Hall

Everything you want to know about ornamental horticulture.

Sponsored by
Pacific Horticulture 

Sit up close and watch the masters as they demonstrate expert technique.

Sponsored by
Pacific Horticulture

Gorgeous floral designs by master designers. California flowers will be supplied by growers and the
California Cut Flower Commission
Growing, harvesting and preparing fine edibles fresh from the garden featuring the finest chefs & gardeners from the Bay area and beyond Growing and sharing with friends, family and neighbors. Sponsored by the American Community Gardening Association. A place for kids to have fun while they discover new things in the garden. Sponsored by Kids Growing Strong.