Alameda County Fairgrounds
APRIL 4 – 7, 2024



Creating a dynamic tablescape using various compotes and elements Friday, April 5, 2024
11:00am - 12:00pm

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Angie Chiuzzi

Born of immigrant Argentine parents in San Diego, Flor de Mar was born with the intention of maintaining the roots of what Argentina represents - the kind people, its vast, dynamic, and beautiful natural landscapes and plants, and the rugged, raw coast of Patagonia.

I spend a lot of my free time in the ocean surfing, and reconnecting in the water has become a very integral ritual in my life. It’s been a part of me for so long, that it made sense that my heart’s work should be connected to it. I wanted Flor de Mar to represent that.

For me, it's all connected – the land, flowers, art, and surfing. Speaking Spanish and English fluently and interchangeably. What does being brought up in two different cultures look like? Both are felt and expressed so differently- it’s so hard to translate anything quite exact. But it is all fragments of the same language, it is the flowing of both languages that paints a more colorful world. It reminds me of how we are all human and while we may speak and look differently, we all share so similarly. I feel the same about flowers and the sea. I hope that these ideas are translated and embodied into my work.

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