The vineyards of California undergo periodic purges of old grape vines as our preferences for different wine varieties change over time. Whole fields are occasionally scraped from the ground to make way for the day’s popular varieties. These old vines are piled and burned, with their ashes tilled back into the soil.
We were inspired by this churning of vineyard stock, the form of the old vines, and the wine industry’s periodic recasting of the California landscape. Here we sought to capture the tenor of this region and the interplay between its vineyards, the local climate, and the surrounding ecosystems.

The inspiration for this design is the interdependence of the wine growers, the vines and, now, the natural ecosystems


  • Golden Gate Cup – Most overall meritorious exhibit. Best of Show. Recipient additionally receives a rotating trophy. The main judges award the Golden Gate Cup.
  • American Society of Landscape Architects Award – This award is given to the garden that excels in artful and sustainable design while demonstrating the stewardship of our cultural and natural environments.
  • Association of Professional Landscape Designers Award – Garden that best demonstrates plant knowledge, design skill, creativity, and suitability to the hypothetical client.
  • Judges Award – The consensus pick of the best garden by the Show Judges
  • Pacific Horticulture Magazine Award – Garden that best demonstrates the regional nature of garden design.
  • Sunset’s Western Living® Award – Garden most filled with fresh, useful, achievable ideas that enhance outdoor living in the West.
  • The Garden Conservancy – A Garden that Ages Well honors a garden that exhibits a strong design idea that will mature gracefully, demonstrating the ability of a garden, as a living work of art and horticulture, to absorb, orchestrate, and take advantage of ongoing change and growth as it moves into the future.