American Horticultural Society Award
American Society of Landscape Architects Award


The drought in California is a concern in the industry as water is crucial to the proper care and management of any garden. This garden is designed to demonstrate how we can continue to create beautiful gardens, wash our laundry and maintain our current water usage in an environment that is drying out. Using innovative technologies that have been researched and implemented over the past 20 years, we have designed a home and garden combination that re-uses greywater and rainwater to minimize water consumption, while creating a lush and beautiful garden.

The garden includes a large living stonewall that leads into a stacked stone fountain that uses stored rainwater. It also features rainwater catchment that supplies a toilet and washing machine. The washing machine water is then pumped into a living fountain that captures the water, cleans and re-invigorates it, and then is sent out into a drip irrigation system to irrigate the garden. This closed loop system allows the homeowner to have a lush and verdant garden without any water being overused or wasted.