The Garden Conservancy Award
American Horticultural Society Award


The wonder of California’s nature is the focal point of this garden. Carefully chosen native plants, topography, wildlife habitat features and rainwater create a space that is attractive to humans and animals alike. Vegetable pests are controlled by native insects living near planter beds, pollinator nesting habitat is plentiful, birds are attracted to artful brush piles and tree snags, and a hands-on ecology experiment is built into the space. The garden serves as a window into the intricate ecological interactions occurring in nature, and interactive signs as well as a book specific to this garden help tell its stories


  • The Garden ConservancyAward – A Garden that Ages Well honors a garden that exhibits a strong design idea that will mature gracefully, demonstrating the ability of a garden, as a living work of art and horticulture, to absorb, orchestrate, and take advantage of ongoing change and growth as it moves into the future.
  • American Horticultural Society Award