The healing garden is located in the beautiful Napa Valley in California. The project represents the personal space of people who desire a healthy lifestyle.

They are Eco-conscious, eating organic; enjoy spending time in nature and living actively. They have discovered that they can draw from nature the energy to restore their mental balance, to keep a distance from daily worries and to take on new challenges.

Everything within the garden (including aquatically grown food, plants with healing properties, energy- and water-saving technology is in the realm of current smart living possibilities.

The garden is an investigation of the positive effects of being in a beautiful space and eating healthy food in the fight against depression. Plants were selected that could be grown to ensure well-being and represent three criteria: oxygen production, medicinal and nutritional value.

The tables, in which the vegetables are grown, are elevated to ensure a correct posture during their care.

Planted in gravel-filled containers, the plants are enriched by the water full of nutrients from the aquarium. Plants cultivated in this system are ready in half the time. These pots contain lettuce, tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers and herbs. The marigold provides vivid color (important for psychological support), is healing and edible and deters insects. Carnivorous plants are also used for pest control.

Around the seating area grow an orange and cherry tree. Steaming geyser is a place where we add drops of essential oils with different properties.