Pacific Horticulture Magazine Award


Our disposable society has taught us to throw away the old and replace it with the new. In the new landscapes of today the same thing is true. We tear out old trees, shrubs, and lawns and haul them away to the landfills. These landscape elements are the building blocks of Hugelkultur. Hugelkultur turns landscape waste into new, organically rich soil and an underground sponge that holds moisture, and encourages the development of a mycorrhizal web of life. Inspired by the book “Where the Wild Things Are,” our garden is a transformation through Hugelkultur techniques, water purifying bogs, and the conversion of the familiar living environment back into nature.


  • People’s Choice Award – Favorite garden as voted by the public. Recipient additionally receives a rotating trophy.
  • Pacific Horticulture Magazine Award – Garden that best demonstrates the regional nature of garden design.